Not much annoys me more when people reply to someone’s question on a forum with “Google it.”.

You know what I get when I Google it? This forum post, smartass..

Livestreaming the game Shadowrun Returns for anyone who wishes to see what it’s like. Not running my mic but come and hang out anyways!

Livestreaming the game Shadowrun Returns for anyone who wishes to see what it’s like. Not running my mic but come and hang out anyways!

Tembec Inc (TMB)’s Stocks Went Down By 4.45% Today

Random fact brought to you by: “Accidentally missing the u when typing ‘tumb’ into your address bar”

What can I do to use my wind-down time productively.

Now that we’re 50 days into summer vacation, I’m taking a bit of reflecting back onto how I’ve been spending my time. Not too terribly, but my work habits have a few problems…

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If any gamer artists out there want a good practice for drawing clothes, try playing Dungeons of Dredmor for 3 hours and draw your character with whatever he’s wearing by the end of it. The sheer amount of equips that game has (even without mods) is obnoxious..

I’ve been playing assassin/rogue characters in games for far too long.. Anyone know an rpg where brutes are particularly fun to play?

Goodbye Steam Summer Sale!

I enjoyed the time we spent together, the great sales you put on, and most of all, the mass amount of games that you have placed into my library (not like I needed anymore, hah!). Sure, money may be gone, but it all went to a good cause, my procrastination. I’ll see you again next year!

If anyone wants to team up to figure out how to make money off of the Steam Trading Cards, let me know, I’ve already made somethin’ $1.20. It gets lonely marketing alone..

Thoughts on Necessary Conflicts

I’ve been thinking the past few days on the subject of conflicts being a necessary thing within our lives and decided to write my thoughts on the subject in the form of this lengthy post. Note that everything here is from a completely unprofessional point of view and I’m just sharing my thoughts. Enjoy!

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Total production time was about 90 minutes.


Pshoo Woosh - Update #2

Beginning with this update, Pshoo Woosh is quickly becoming one of my most in-depth and top notch games.

Not only have I added countless visuals (including really psychedelic Mother 3 inspired backgrounds), but I’ve doubled the resolution from 640x480 to 1280x960. The game looks really crisp with this resolution and the effects match up nicely with the style I’m going for.

Re blogging for a good friend of mine.

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